Our Story

Like many of the best companies, Nrby’s entrepreneurial journey started when a group of successful New England innovators put their heads together.  The mission was to let anyone who needed access to location intelligence, in the field or back at the office, gain knowledge about what was at or near a specific location.  When nearby.com was unavailable, the team decided to drop a few vowels and ever so cleverly name the business Nrby.

Its growth has steadily continued and Nrby currently has a platform with over 150+ workflows that solve operational problems, identify sales and marketing opportunities, and drive customer satisfaction for our customers.  Thousands of users are embracing Nrby to improve business performance and drive profits.  And, its experienced customer focused team of passionate employees is in every time zone to help our rapidly growing customer list to document, take action, and unlock new insights at any location.

Simply put, Nrby is the smarter way for mobile teams to communicate.