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Nrby is an intelligent platform for companies to document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location.

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The Nrby Location Intelligence Platform

The Nrby Location Intelligence Platform digitizes the location intelligence data gathering, distribution, and knowledge transfer process; addressing a massive cross-organizational communication problem.

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It's a Team Effort

Kurt Dobbins

Kurt Dobbins

President & CEO

jack mead

Jack Mead

Chief Financial Officer

mark wallace

Mark Wallace

Chief Revenue Officer

Ron Miller

Ron Miller

VP Customer Success

mark sexton

Mark Sexton

VP Engineering

Companies Depend on Nrby

The ease of use is phenomenal in allowing technicians to easily capture location and job data detailing the work they've performed, as well as using the saved data for future reference.
Nathan S.
VP, SysMaint. & Plant Ops

Nrby is a remote-first company and we have employees located across the country who are committed to your success!

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