Cable Provider Eliminates Field Worker Injuries with Nrby Mobile App

Do you know how many times a day your field technicians are in danger? How often they’re exposed to life-threatening situations where they risk being electrocuted, falling or have something fall on them?

If your operations are anything like this North American cable provider’s were, your technicians encounter multiple safety incidents every day – with no warning and no fast or reliable way to notify coworkers and supervisors.

Your field technicians are in more danger than you think.

With the Nrby Field Safety Mobile App, this MSO’s field technicians discovered and mapped 3 new field safety issues every week. Shockingly, more than one-third were life-threatening.

And each day, 1 out of every 50 technicians were in harm’s way. Pretty scary. But thanks to Nrby, they were alerted to avoid the areas.

As a result, there were no injuries at all from these hazards during the entire year! Zero. You can’t get much safer than that.

It’s easy with Nrby to keep field workers safe.

Using SmartPins and geofencing, Nrby makes it simple for field technicians to instantly map, classify and alert all appropriate personnel as soon as they approach hazards.

Nrby SmartPins represent hazards and contain information, including severity, photos, videos and commentary. Your company decides what SmartPins you want, like live wire, unsafe pole and even active shooter.

1. When technicians discover a hazard, they use the Nrby app on their smartphone to select the right SmartPin, drop it on a map and add context. SmartPins can also be placed by NOC personnel.

2. The SmartPin generates a geofence around the incident and notifies appropriate personnel, expediting repairs.

3. Any technician approaching the geofence is instantly alerted to avoid the hazard.

4. When the hazard is resolved, the SmartPin disappears.

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