Leverage all the eyeballs at your disposal.

Anyone can report plant issues as they discover them, right from their mobile devices.

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Don’t let time or lack of paperwork stop issues from being fixed.

Not all plant issues are expected, known, or customer-reported. Everyone on your teams, not just the field techs notice problems in their daily travels. Wouldn’t it be nice to document and share them in under a minute so they can be tracked and addressed? With Nrby, even an executive, an administrative assistant and oh yeah, all your techs in the field can easily document an unknown issue they stumble across and make sure it gets taken care of quickly, right from their mobile device.

Anyone can capture it all in real time

Anyone from the CEO on down who comes across unexpected physical plant damage can document it quickly with text and rich media in just a few taps on their smartphone. No need to wait until they’re back at the office to fill out a form and hope they remembered where it was.

Precise location, precise details

A rotted utility pole, a loose lashing wire, a clearance issue between your wires and those of the utility company can be instantly and accurately reported along with their precise location.

Safety and compliance first

One minute spent taking a couple pictures could prevent problems down the road such as a pedestrian tripping over a loose wire or a call from the local municipality to complain you’re still on the old one.

Your processes fully digitized

Don’t have the proper paperwork in your car when you spot something? That won’t stop you from documenting the issue when everything you need is right on your smartphone.

Stay in compliance with municipalities

The utility company set up a new pole to replace a rotted one, but that information never made it to your field managers, so your equipment’s still on the only pole, and a phone call from the town isn’t far off. Stay in their good graces by empowering everyone at your company to flag these situations when they see them so the work can be scheduled to remain in compliance with local ordinances.

Prevent accidents in the field

That lashing wire didn’t come loose on your schedule, but it’s hanging on the ground ready to be clipped by a car or a bike or tripped over by a pedestrian. Anyone with the Nrby app on their phone can document it in under a minute along with its precise location so it gets fixed before someone gets hurt.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for preventative maintenance, reducing operating costs and driving customer satisfaction.

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