Nrby Customer Testimonials

Improved NPS scores, 95% of mistakes eliminated, and happy employees and customers are just a few of the many positive business outcomes that Nrby customers' experience. See for yourself what customers have to say about the value and service Nrby consistently delivers.

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“Nrby is a great product”

Nrby is a great product that has amazing customer support. One of the best things about Nrby is the ability to utilize this in so many ways and so many different applications. It literally can be customized to fit any application for business or personal use.

“Increased Accountability & Ownership”

The ease of use is phenomenal allowing technicians to easily capture location and job data detailing the work they’ve performed as well as use the saved data for future reference.

“Awesome Product”

I can already see tremendous benefits as it relates to managing my manpower, budget, projects and technicians’ safety to name a few. The functionality of the product is simple and straightforward so that implementation was quick and smooth.

“Ease of use to scale across the enterprise”

The reason we chose Nrby was because we could integrate it quickly with our Salesforce instance. We wanted to be able to track pins back to a particular field service agent. Nrby’s API was easy to use and sync with Salesforce every time a pin was dropped and relate it to that agent.

“Ease to use and well laid out”

We are using Nrby to track the productivity of techs within the maintenance department of our company. A lot of the work that we do does not have a paperwork trail, so Nrby gives us a way to track our daily functions.

“We continually find new uses for the platform”

Since deploying Nrby we have been able to optimize the data collection work flow for OSP teams. We continually find new uses for the platform and making changes are very simple using the web based control panel. The Nrby support team has been very responsive and routinely checks in on us.

“Organized, sleek, easy to use”

Nrby has helped us organize many complex processes and lets us monitor how productive we are being which helps us stay on track to meet critical daily production goals. It’s easy to log information into the drop-down menus and see what items you need to finish.

“Software and set up have exceeded my expectations”

This software has allowed our technicians in the field to be aware of electrical faults, ensuring our technicians are safe and free of electrocution when climbing a pole or doing pole work. The Geo-Fence and warning system that this software provides when approaching the pole work is invaluable.

“Very valuable solution”

Nrby has a very valuable solution, a great team, and a passion for helping customers. While other companies claim they are committed to customer satisfaction, Nrby continuously proves it. They are a pleasure to work with.

“Great Experience!”

Nrby allows us to complete work effectively and efficiently. By using the Drop Pin feature we are able to drop pins where we are working and also drop pins for things that might be seen while completing other tasks. It’s a great help and a great tool to have that is used to make sure we don’t forget something or where there is other work to be completed.

“Keeping track of business day to day couldn’t be easier”

Very user friendly for our company to implement and use on a daily basis. This program gives us the ability to keep track of all that is going on and anything that needs addressed over a large area.

“Nrby ease of use”

Easy to use and lots of features. Constant updates to product.

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