Damage Assessment

Pinpoint Problems to Speed Repairs



Teleco and utility service providers have tens of thousands of physical field assets, such as fiber, cable and other operating equipment, that are exposed to the elements. In severe weather, like high winds, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, ice storms and fires, they are extremely vulnerable to damage.

To make matters more challenging, it’s hard for providers to assess whether, and to what extent, field assets are damaged. The typical process for assessment and recovery is to send employees into affected geographic areas, where they manually record damage events on a sequential basis. When they’re done, they report back to centralized operations, where damage is evaluated and restoration is coordinated.

This process is tedious, time-consuming, inconsistent and inefficient. Information is conveyed in a variety of ways and there’s no good visibility into the problems and restoration status, making them hard to process. As a result, repairs take too long and customers suffer.



Nrby automates and coordinates after-storm damage reporting and assessments in near real-time.

Field personnel can instantly pinpoint on a map, classify and alert all appropriate personnel as soon as they encounter damaged field assets. Using the Nrby application on their smartphone, they select a pre-defined, company-sanctioned SmartPin, which categorizes the damage by type and severity, and then drop the SmartPin on a map to specify its location. Technicians can easily attach contextual information, including video and photos. Once the SmartPin is dropped, it automatically creates a geofenced alert area and streams details to the operations center for evaluation and remediation processing.



Quickly put wheels in motion

Nrby speeds damage assessment and processing. Each damage event is communicated as it’s discovered, instead of waiting until the field employee completes them all. With field, operational and management personnel conveying information consistently and easily accessing live data, jobs are quickly triaged and assigned. All appropriate personnel can tap the SmartPin that appears on their phone or, if they’re in the command center, on their dashboard to find out more information.

Minimize service interruptions

Repair technicians are quickly notified and can easily locate damaged assets. Thanks to the detailed information contained in the SmartPin, they bring the right tools and process to speed repairs. Now customers who rely on your service can get back to their lives and their work faster.

Eliminate costly redundancies

Peers who approach the geofenced area are instantly alerted that damage exists and has been recorded, via the SmartPin and an audible tone and/or vibration on their smartphone. There’s no more duplicate reports, and operations doesn’t send multiple technicians for the same problem.

Booster worker productivity 

The central command center can direct personnel to specific areas for assessment, or to assure all areas have been inspected for damage. Field workers can confirm undamaged areas as they come upon them, so additional resources aren’t sent there and valuable time isn’t lost.