Digitally manage all your Temporary Drops. All in one place.

Empower your teams to resolve Temporary Drops quickly and accurately, reducing operational costs and boosting customer satisfaction rates.

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Cut your time-to-resolve in half

When a Nrby-enabled crew arrives on site, everything they need to complete a job quickly and accurately is right on their mobile devices, reducing time-to-bury or install a pole attachment for aerial drops by 53% on average. Internal and third party drop crews get precise location intelligence on each site, rich media to eliminate guesswork, and the ability to ask and receive answers to questions about Temporary Drops, all in real-time.

The Only Tool You’ll Need

Reduce operational costs and empower your team with the mobile devices they already carry.

All Digital.

Everything you need to complete jobs quickly and accurately, zero paperwork.

All Encompassing.

Everything your teams need to add new and manage existing Temporary Drops, supported by location intelligence, rich media, and an intuitive interface.

All Set.

Jobs are resolved quickly, truck rolls are minimized, customers are happy.

Get in, get out, keep customers happy

Your customers don’t love having your trip-hazard lawn ornaments in their yard. The faster Temporary Drops become buried cable lines or completed aerial installations, the happier your customers are. Nrby alerts your team when specified timeframes are exceeded so Temporary Drops are just that: temporary. Customer satisfaction will increase, and the volume of complaint calls your team must process will drop dramatically.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for temporary drops, reduce operating costs and drive customer satisfaction.

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