Enterprise Continuity

Act Fast so You Can Run Strong



Enterprises rely on telephone calls and emails to inform employees about active emergencies, but they’re not specific to a physical location. They’re also not consistent in how they communicate the type of event, who they share the information with, and how they provide updates. And because people can’t always listen to calls or see emails right away, they can’t take action soon enough.

The process for getting the word out to responders is also often ad-hoc, not well-documented and inelegant, at best. All this slows response times, putting employee safety and business continuity at potential risk.



Nrby enables businesses to create a hierarchy of communications for emergencies, and employees to instantly map visual representations of the events using their smartphones.

Companies separate notifications according to people’s roles, such as management, response team, general employee, and their location. Employees and responders who discover the emergency use the Nrby application on their smartphone to select an appropriate pre-defined, company-sanctioned SmartPin, which indicates the exact nature of the event. They simply drop the SmartPin on a map to identify its location, and attach contextual information, like videos and photos. This sets in motion an automatic and secure notification process, streaming information to the correct people on their phones and updating Nrby’s web-based dashboard.



Responders and employees act fast

Local employees and safety personnel are instantly alerted with an audible tone and/or vibration on their smartphone, where the SmartPin shows what’s happening, where and what they need to do. In the event of a campus-wide threat, all employees can be notified, with instructions for evacuating the building, shelter-in-place or other preparations.


Make it easier to ensure safety

The Nrby dashboard simplifies resource coordination, responders can easily confirm receipt of messages, and a complete “check in” of personnel or employees can quickly be made.


Strengthen business continuity

Enterprises confidently put emergency plans in place, knowing they can handle business continuity events safely and effectively, with timely and appropriate employee communications.