It's Time to Organize your
On-Site, Manual Processes

From discovery of a recognized environmental condition, to documentation of remediated location, to unearthing intelligence about a potential new customer, Nrby enables environmental companies to digitize the management of the site assessment, remediation, and installation process.

Document Better. Deliver Better.

Nrby's on-demand location intelligence app allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Easily capture, share and take action on your data, all in one place.

Document Anything

A SmartPin™ initiated at a specific GPS location easily allows mobile teams to capture and document anything, using photos, automatic data collection, and digital forms.

Take Action With Workflows

SmartPin™ technology empowers your teams to work together seamlessly by automating workflows with instant status updates, assignments, and notifications.

Unlock Historical

SmartPin™ data uses location intelligence, giving new historical timelines, reports, and analytics; empowering companies to do more, eliminate costs, and drive customer satisfaction.

Why Environmental Professionals Love Nrby

Autonomous digital workflows

Nrby's flexible design and no-code approach ensures that your workflows, forms and vocabulary don't change. Nrby just makes it easier to manage.

Dynamic data

Give your team access to real-time data in the field and allow your managers real-time visibility into the work being completed.

Native mobile app

Intuitive mobile app available on iOS and Android devices with patented battery management. If you can use Facebook, you can use Nrby.

Reports, reports, reports

Track and measure all of your data with Nrby's reporting tools. Understand your data better than ever.