Track and manage all of your equipment every step of the way 

Nrby easily tracks and manages all of your equipment so nothing falls through the cracks and everything stays up-to-date and accurate. 

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Track any type of equipment

With Nrby everybody knows what equipment is being worked on, when, where, and by whom.

Manage and monitor downtime

Get notified in real-time by team members when equipment fails or it’s time for routine maintenance.

View historical records

Nrby’s SmartPins and mobile app store the equipment history so your mobile workers can easily stay updated in the field.

Gain greater visibility into your equipment through location

Track the status of your equipment and visualize where it’s located quickly and easily with Nrby’s SmartPins and map-based interface.

Collaborate in real-time across departments or teams

Collaborate and communicate within Nrby’s SmartPins to keep everyone connected at all times.

Track your team’s progress

Who’s working on what? What still needs to get done? Is someone else free to help? Nrby’s reports provide all of these answers and more!

What Nrby’s customers are saying

“Organized, sleek, easy to use”

Nrby has helped us organize many complex processes and lets us monitor how productive we are being which helps us stay on track to meet critical daily production goals. It’s easy to log information into the drop-down menus and see what items you need to finish.

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Tyler E.

Field Technician - Locator

“Software and set up have exceeded my expectations”

This software has allowed our technicians in the field to be aware of electrical faults, ensuring our technicians are safe and free of electrocution when climbing a pole or doing pole work. The Geo-Fence and warning system that this software provides when approaching the pole work is invaluable.

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Robert S.

VP of IT

“Very valuable solution”

Nrby has a very valuable solution, a great team, and a passion for helping customers. While other companies claim they are committed to customer satisfaction, Nrby continuously proves it. They are a pleasure to work with.

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Jeffrey Powers

Director of Business Intelligence

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