Field Safety

Targeted Alerts Bring Lots of Relief to Field Technicians


Telco and utility MSOs know all too well the risks that come with having hundreds or thousands of field service, installation, repair and construction workers. These employees face multiple hazardous and unsafe situations daily. Some, such as electrified service points, are life-threatening. Others, like broken telephone poles, can cause major injuries. Even less-severe obstacles can still put people at risk.

The challenge is, how can a diverse set of field personnel protect themselves and their peers without compromising their existing safety procedures and tools – especially when there’s no good way to appropriately notify co-workers and supervisors?

Communication is often cursory and haphazard. Some workers send texts, others phone or email it in, making record-keeping difficult. Situations are described in many different ways, making them hard to classify and act upon. Yet the end-to-end process, from discovery to notification to repair, depends on the right people quickly seeing, acting upon and relaying the information to all the right players.


Nrby location-based workforce collaboration makes it easy for field technicians to instantly map, classify and alert all appropriate personnel as soon as they encounter hazards.

Using the Nrby application on their smartphone, technicians select and touch a pre-defined, company-sanctioned SmartPin, categorizing the hazard by type and severity. They drop the SmartPin on a map that identifies its location, and attach contextual information, like commentary, video and photos. This automatically creates a geofenced alert area and streams the information into the operations center for processing. For example, Severity 1 hazards can cause trouble tickets to be created on-the-fly; Severity 2 hazards can be routed to maintenance supervisors; and Severity 3 hazards can be sent to field supervisors responsible for the service area where the hazard is located.


Keep Workers Safe

Any technician nearby is automatically alerted with an audible tone and/or vibration on their smartphone as soon as they approach the geofenced area, so they can avoid the hazards.

Instantly Inform Everyone

All appropriate personnel, if they’re not in proximity to the hazard, can tap the SmartPin that appears on their phone to find out more information or, if they’re back in the office, can see it instantly on their dashboard. They can also update details in the SmartPin when verifying or servicing the hazard.

Accelerate Repairs

Maintenance and repair technicians are quickly notified and can easily locate hazards. With the detailed information contained in the SmartPin, they bring the right tools and process to speed repairs.

Create Closed-Loop Process

A complete audit trail is kept of all hazardous events, including employees notified of entering or exiting the hazardous zone. When a problem is fixed, the SmartPin is automatically removed from the map and archived.

Use Nrby SmartPins to Mobilize, Localize and Collaborate!

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