Geofencing Delivers Efficient, Precise Workforce Collaboration

Nrby’s unique use of geofencing makes workforce collaboration uniquely effective. The essence of our location-based services, it’s key to creating targeted, contextual, intelligent notifications and automated actions – all of which drive faster, better decision-making and outcomes.

Nrby uses geofencing to improve workforce collaboration by:

Providing a virtual barrier around a precise location to inform nearby peers who need to know and/or act on an event

Making sure the right people pay attention by minimizing the noise level that comes from traditional email and text blasts, which go to everyone on a team or in a department regardless of locale relevancy

Providing information such as who’s nearby, who’s within a geofence, and when people entered/exited, for business analysis and auditing purposes

How it Works

Nrby uses the Smartphone’s built-in capability to monitor geofence barriers without continually tracking device location.

When a SmartPin is placed on the map, its geofence is automatically created.

You customize the geofence area for each SmartPin to be as small as a few hundred feet or as large as you’d like.

Nrby’s patent-pending algorithm automatically adjusts which geofences are being monitored, resulting in extreme battery efficiency (less than 0.0025 per hour).

Nrby Geofencing is Key to Smart, Effective Workforce Collaboration

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