In-Home Sales Referrals

Capture More Opportunities with Ease


Cable MSOs are missing out on potential new revenue from in-home service technicians. These in-home contacts are often the company’s most trusted representatives, since they’re not only inside the customer premise, they’re solving problems and engaging the customer. Given this, their conversations can invariably lead the customer to be interested in purchasing additional services.

However, most service technicians aren’t trained for upselling and have no easy way to pass leads on. They aren’t experts on all the products and bundling options, so they’re really not equipped to close the sale. And there’s no real process for sending leads to the sales team. So, most of the time, these situations end without any further action and the opportunity is lost.


Nrby gives you a one-tap solution for in-home sales referrals. Field service technicians can easily record and discretely pass on qualified leads to inside sales personnel, in real-time.

Using the Nrby application on their smartphone, they simply tap the SmartPin that represents the product of interest, and attach comments if desired. The SmartPin automatically captures the originating technician and customer location, and immediately routes the details to inside sales for timely follow up.


Gain A New Revenue Stream

Customers who are quickly contacted about products and services they’re interested in are much more likely to purchase. And you make sales that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers feel listened to, and field technicians have a greater sense of contributing to the customer’s satisfaction and your company’s success.

Keep Technicians Invested

By bonusing field technicians on referrals, you give them more reason to work hard, be loyal, and keep passing on leads.

Better Equip Inside Sales

Inside sales agents have the benefit of the in-home service technicians’ credibility with the customer, and notes about the opportunity. With this intel in hand, they’re more likely to succeed.

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