Manage your Installation Checklists digitally

Empower your installation teams to document every installation rapidly and accurately right from their mobile devices.

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Get in, get out, get on your way.

Customers don’t want you in their home any longer than necessary to get their service set up. The faster your techs can complete the job, the higher your customer satisfaction rates will be. Nrby makes it easy to digitize the documentation of every aspect of a customer Birth Certificate, eliminating slow and cumbersome paperwork, and getting your tech to the next job and out of your customers’ hair faster than ever before.

Leverage the power of mobile technology to ensure rapid, accurate documentation

Every aspect of a new service install can be rapidly documented by your teams in real-time with zero paperwork.

Level-set before you leave

Every nuance of customer installations such as access point locations, speed test results and signal levels can be captured using a mobile phone so you know exactly what work was performed and its status when the tech departs.

Diagnose and fix subsequent issues quickly

Everything was working great when your customers’ birth certificate was created, but suddenly it’s not. What changed that could be causing the problem? Has the signal been split? A wireless access point moved? A modem changed from a non-controlled to a controlled switch? When your teams document their setup work with Nrby, it’s easy to identify the deltas and fix the problem quickly.

Your Processes Fully Digitized

Your forms, workflows, and job histories are freed from the constraints of a paper-based system. Everything is available digitally across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Know how you left it

Service techs can share what they’ve documented and provide customers with a resolution window before your tech even leaves the house. The customer knows when they need to be home and is assured that you’re on top of the situation instead of your technician disappearing, leaving your clients wondering when the problem will be resolved.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for new customer installs, ensuring first-time accuracy and driving customer satisfaction.

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