Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent Alerts Drive Highly-Focused Information Sharing


The whole point of alerts is to flag information for people who need it. But as we’ve all experienced, workers are unnecessarily included, again and again, on communications that serve only to clog their inboxes and text streams. So they stop paying attention—and miss notifications that actually are important. Or just as bad, people who should have been notified aren’t. The senders either didn’t know or just forgot to include them.

With Nrby’s intelligent alerts, there’s no more overload and no more missing communications that are critical to the mobile workforce.


Make sure communications go to all, and only, the people who need them.


Each SmartPin that’s dropped can use geofencing, with customizable radiuses, to alert users when they enter and/or exit the area.


Role-based rules are easily configured so SmartPins automatically appear on users’ mobile apps only if their role requires that information, regardless of whether they’re in the geofenced area.


Alerts include continually updated information, in the form of attached media and/or links to internal resources, that provides essential context and makes them easily actionable.

Now, the Right People Pay Attention at the Right Time

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