Digitally manage all your Locates. All in one place.

Speed time-to-resolution for all Locates jobs, ensuring your trucks roll just once and with the right equipment.

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Digitize All Your Locates Jobs

Nrby makes it easy to make inefficient paper-based management of Locates jobs a distant memory. Remember when you had to fill out a form for that? Yeah, us neither.

Your entire workflow is seamlessly digitized and available at the fingertips of every tech in the field, ensuring they have the most accurate information to get the job done right, and get it done fast. Rich media leaves no doubt as to what needs to be done and where it needs to happen.

Easily Deploy Across Any Sized Team

Your team won’t skip a beat when you empower them with a customizable platform they can access on any device. Jobs are easily tracked and documented. Your team moves quickly and efficiently. You save on operational costs and remove headaches for your techs.


Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and inaccurate documentation with always-current information supported by rich media.


Nrby’s Locates dashboard tracks jobs, helps assign them efficiently, and gets your trucks rolling with the right equipment the first time.


You and your team are notified of Locates which need to be addressed based on customizable time parameters. Jobs don’t languish unresolved, keeping customers happy.

Time to service? Nrby lets you know.

Scheduling Locates tasks is a snap with Nrby’s proactive alerts. Locates in need of service are automatically flagged based on time-parameters you set so nothing drops through the cracks, and your schedules can be built quickly and efficiently.

Roll out once with all the correct gear

The right equipment for each Locates job is all tracked right in Nrby, easily-accessible on your techs’ mobile devices. Getting to a job site and realizing you’re missing equipment becomes a distant memory, reducing team frustration and the operational costs of multiple truck-rolls to resolve a single job. Roll once, roll geared-up.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for buried cable lines, reduce operating costs and drive customer satisfaction.

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