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Easily deploy across any department, any sized team, in any industry

Cable Overview

Reduce your operational costs and make sure your customers are happy.


Anyone can report plant issues as they discover them, right from their mobile devices.

Drop Management

Empower your teams to bury Temporary Drops quickly and accurately.

Installation Checklists

Document every installation rapidly and accurately.


Speed time-to-resolution for all Locates jobs, ensuring your trucks roll just once.

Plant Maintenance

Precisely report plant maintenance issues as soon as you discover them.

Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of spec drift trends and keep your customers happy.

Refer to Maintenance

Keep your customers happy even when a problem can’t be solved on the spot.

It starts with SmartPins

Nrby SmartPins digitize the location intelligence gathering, distribution, and knowledge transfer process; addressing a massive cross-organizational communication problem. A SmartPin can represent anything — from a project or task to a safety concern or sales opportunity.


Streamline data collection and eliminate errors in the field. Develop a consistent and repeatable process by location.

Scheduled Timers

Add timers to SmartPins to make sure things are staying on schedule.

Location Intelligent Triggers

Trigger a SmartPin to update or alert based on rules and your process.

Task Assignment

Assign tasks for your individual people based on proximity or when tickets come in.

Real-Time Collaboration

Operate faster and more efficiently with sharable SmartPins to encourage collaboration.

Geofenced Notifications

Geofence SmartPins to automatically notify team members who are nearby.

Location-Based Messaging

Deliver the right message to the right people based on their location.

Historical Records

Easily view past work done on location without having to shuffle through old emails or papers.

Real-Time Reports

Nrby’s reports provide all the data you need to measure productivity and efficiency.

Crowdsource your existing location intelligence

Empower your mobile workers to collect and share existing information and data in the field. Let Nrby be your database of record for all things location driven.

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Manage everything with greater visibility

Visualize your projects, tasks, events, data, anything in real-time with Nrby’s map-based interface. Nrby’s SmartPins quickly visualize what’s going on and where.

Create location-intelligent workflows

Add location-intelligent workflows to your SmartPins and eliminate inconsistencies and human error from your mobile team, while raising productivity.

"I can already see tremendous benefits as it relates to managing my manpower, budget, projects and technicians safety to name a few."

– Michael Barker, Director of Technical Operations, Hiawatha Broadband

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Create a more efficient, proactive and productive mobile team with location intelligence.

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