Mobile Discovery & Reporting

Nrby’s Mobile Discovery and Reporting Keeps Field Service Operations Humming


Field equipment and infrastructure are under continual assault from weather, inadvertent human interaction and even curious animals. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance is critical, but for most companies it’s also extremely challenging. Often, they don’t know which equipment requires attention, when.

First of all, there’s no consistent way for field service technicians who come across equipment that needs fixing or replacement to quickly and easily share that information. That makes acting on it harder. Plus, workers don’t know if the problems they found have already been discovered, and whether they’re duplicating efforts by notifying supervisors. And supervisors have no easy way to determine the real issue. What’s the severity of the problem? Does it warrant replacement or repair? Or is it just due for maintenance?

Finally, it’s hard to get a visual on the extent of field work that needs to be done, and where, since equipment isn’t always visually mapped to locations. That can make it difficult to efficiently assign geographically dispersed jobs.

The bottom line? Needed repairs may go undetected or take too long and customer satisfaction takes a hit.


Nrby’s location-based workforce collaboration enables authorized field service technicians to immediately identify issues with infrastructure and equipment, and share information with the right colleagues to drive resolutions, whether repair, replacement or general maintenance.

Field technicians use the Nrby mobile app to categorize items by touching one of several pre-defined SmartPins, which represent the type of problem and maintenance or repair needed—like wire down, temporary drop, safety hazard, damage assessment or enterprise continuity. They drop the identifying SmartPin on a map, which, optionally, sets up a geofence with an automatic alert area around the location, and also streams the information into the operations center for processing. The SmartPin captures the exact location of the repair and its severity, along with the originator.

Field personnel can also add comments, photos or video to the SmartPin to provide even more context and details. Customized input forms for pertinent data collection on the spot can be configured for each type of SmartPin. Maintenance teams assess the repair and take action in real-time or by viewing daily reports on Nrby’s web dashboard. Changes in repair status can be displayed by the SmartPin by changing its color from red to green on the map.


Keep Equipment Working

Staying on top of field equipment/infrastructure status is much easier now that the equipment landscape, along with its status, is simple to visualize at-a-glance and mobile workers can easily collaborate and instantly share information with the right personnel. Everyone who needs to know has everything they need to know to keep equipment, and business, running.

Accelerate Resolution

By standardizing and automating the way end-to-end information is communicated, and having detailed, contextual information available at your fingertips, Nrby dramatically improves the quality and speed of decision-making. Faster action and resolution are natural outcomes. As are improved business outcomes.

Improve Uptime and Customer Satisfaction

More expedient repairs and better maintenance mean less downtime and fewer service interruptions. Customers know they can rely on your company to deliver what you promise—and happy customers are loyal customers.

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