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Reduce inefficiencies and save costs with on-demand data analytics.

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About Nrby VU

Nrby VU is the single-pane dashboard that aggregates and analyzes the current data that drives your business. All you need is a smartphone or computer and internet connection to see always-on, always-updating analytics extracted from Nrby's best-in-class dynamic location intelligence platform. Your mobile teams use Nrby's geolocating app to map and annotate their work. Nrby VU helps you make better decisions with that data.

What Nrby Vu Does

  • Displays updated metrics that tell the current story of your business
  • Predictive analytics tell you not just “what” but “what’s next?” and “why?”
  • Intuitive interface shows you where your attention is needed at a glance
  • Works in the cloud through any browser – no special hardware necessary

How Customers are Using Nrby VU

Evaluate Key Performance Indicators in Context

  • Visualize KPIs in a single display pane for daily, weekly, and monthly views tied directly to your customized metrics
  • Instantly get insight into the health of those KPIs – and how they work together to signal productivity


  • Identify high-leverage jobs – and drill down to team and/or individuals for a quantitative view of performance


  • When things go wrong, get real, evidence-based intel on what worked last time – and what didn’t
  • Heat map presentation to analyze individualized activities based on location and timeframe
  • Recognize patterns in faults, equipment, or workmanship with trend-based data and analytics

"Since the launch roughly 5 months ago, Arvig has experienced a 41% improvement (almost 12 days on average) in construction task completions as compared to the same period in 2020."

Shaun Carlson | Director of Research and Development, Arvig

Turn the data you have into the growth you want. Discover Nrby VU today.