Ditch the paper forms, empower your teams, miss nothing.

Teams using Nrby can precisely report plant maintenance issues as soon as they discover them.

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Roll and Report

Your field techs are constantly on the move, on the lookout for potential heretofore unknown issues which need to be addressed. Right now, your techs must fish out the proper form, do their best to document the precise location, draw sketches, and then ensure that paperwork finds its way into the right hands. Nrby removes the barriers to accurate reporting by allowing techs to instantly and precisely document location using GPS-tagging, text, photos, and videos with just a few taps on the mobile devices they already carry with them.

Eliminate delays

No more waiting for the tech to return to the office so the form can be processed and the issue assigned for resolution. Plant issues can be instantly documented and work scheduled in real time with the appropriate team(s), greatly reducing delays which can lead to larger outages and impact customers.

Report New Issues Quickly

Directly assign priority jobs to techs for same day repairs or leave lower-priority jobs unassigned for teams with available cycles to resolve them.

Document Precisely

Teams can report exact GPS-tagged location and include supporting text and rich media, eliminating ambiguity and speeding time-to-resolution.

Total Visibility

See the status of all open jobs at a glance right from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Nothing falls through the cracks

You and your teams no longer need to worry about reported issues languishing unfixed in the field. Actionable timers in Nrby notify you if an issue remains open for too long so it can be escalated for rapid resolution, reducing call-center burdens and keeping customers happy.

Know the status of each issue

Once jobs are assigned, Nrby makes it simple to track that status of all in-progress jobs to ensure their timely completion.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Empower your teams to report new issues on the fly. No paperwork, no delays, no hassle.

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