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Stay ahead of spec drift trends and keep your customers happy.

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Get ahead and stay ahead.

When your field techs can track, report and notify one another on status and issue ticket closure for CPEs, it not only speeds time to resolution, you stay ahead of growing issues, keeping small problems from becoming large ones, and maintaining high customer satisfaction rates because in many cases, you’re resolving issues before your customers are even aware of them.

Keep problems small and resolve them quickly

Your telemetry from customer CPEs is telling you there’s a problem brewing. If it’s a plant-related issue, soon it will be affecting multiple customers who will in turn schedule calls. How quickly can you react and resolve?

Complete Job History On Demand

Dispatched techs can easily see past work performed, who performed it, and can quickly reach out to collaborate on issue resolution if needed.

Prioritize Proactively

Directly assign priority jobs to techs for same day repairs or leave lower-priority jobs unassigned for teams with available cycles to resolve them.

Your Processes Fully Digitized

Your forms, workflows, and job histories are freed from the constraints of a paper-based system. Everything is available digitally across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Lower operational costs

With your plant telemetry seamlessly integrated and available to your team in the field, they can not only get a comprehensive overview of current jobs, you eliminate unnecessary current and future truck rolls, lowering your per-job costs and getting more jobs resolved in less time.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for preventative maintenance, reducing operating costs and driving customer satisfaction.

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