Proactive Field Service

Nrby Makes Proactive, Profitable Field Service Management Simple

Your customers live in an on-demand world. They expect continual uptime, reliable equipment, ultra-responsive service and near-instant fixes. Getting ahead of the game is easier said than done, however, which is why about half of field service organizations say they’re mostly reactive.

Nrby’s location-based workforce collaboration makes it easy for field service to become more proactive, productive and profitable.

Field Technicians Are the Key


There’s a ton of talk about how sensors in the field—a.k.a., the Internet of Things—improve field service management by pinpointing potential and existing problems. That’s true, and it’s very important, but instrumentation is only part of the solution.

The human element is equally, if not more, critical. Field service technicians hold the key. Nrby motivates and empowers them to:


Anticipate and avoid threats to continuous service delivery


Handle more work orders per day


Increase revenue potential


Improve service quality and asset management


Drive higher first-call completion rates


Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty


Facilitate a safer workforce

How Nrby Does It


Nrby transforms a reactive field service operation into a proactive one from the first day it’s put in the hands of a mobile workforce. By using Nrby’s one-touch SmartPins for different field-service activities, your field technicians can discover, instantly share and quickly resolve issues, while operation centers are continually updated and supervisors receive real-time status changes.

Nrby standardizes and automates how field service peers collaborate to create a more productive field service environment. Best of all, it’s non-disruptive to your workers and complements and seamlessly integrates with existing field service management systems, creating a whole new level of operational efficiency.

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