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Keep your customers happy even when a problem can’t be solved by their service tech on the spot.

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Instill confidence, ensure rapid resolution.

Service techs can’t always address the issues they discover; sometimes you need to call in the cavalry. Nrby makes it easy to provide your team with custom forms to capture all the relevant information related to customer issues requiring a maintenance tech visit. Text descriptions, photos and videos of critical details such as meters and spectrum analyzers are easy to document, so when a maintenance tech arrives, they are armed with all the relevant information and equipment to solve the issue the first time.

Capture it all in real time

Service techs can fully document any customer issue requiring plant maintenance follow up right from their phone or tablet. All aspects of the issue can be quickly logged including descriptive text, GPS location, and rich media.

Complete Job History On Demand

Dispatched techs can easily see past work performed, who performed it, and can quickly reach out to collaborate on issue resolution if needed. The first follow-up truck-roll is the last one because your team is armed with the information and equipment they need from the jump.

Ensure Timely Resolution

Managers can easily see open issues, be alerted with custom timers for those lagging and more to ensure jobs are completed quickly, keeping customers happy.

Your Processes Fully Digitized

Your forms, workflows, and job histories are freed from the constraints of a paper-based system. Everything is available digitally across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Instill customer confidence

Service techs can share what they’ve documented and provide them with a resolution window before your tech even leaves the house. The customer knows when they need to be home and is assured that you’re on top of the situation instead of your technician disappearing left wondering when the problem will be resolved.

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Digitize your processes for preventative maintenance, reducing operating costs and driving customer satisfaction.

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