Self-Selected Work

Empower Mobile Workers to Complete More Jobs Per Day


Businesses need their mobile workforces to be efficient, but the way certain jobs are assigned sometimes makes this difficult to achieve. For instance, if field technicians have lag time due to job cancellations or tasks completed faster than expected, dispatch often sends them last-minute emails or calls about assignments that must be done before the day ends. The problem is that dispatchers assign some jobs without taking into account worker location or job type.

So, what happens? People spend more time driving to far-flung locations than getting jobs done. Not only does this make them less efficient, it can cause them to miss or delay their regular jobs and work longer days, which of course frustrates the field technicians. In many cases, other technicians who were closer to the new jobs could have handled them easier and faster.


Nrby takes the randomness and inefficiencies out of job assignments by enabling field workers to proactively self-select certain jobs that are nearby or that make sense based on their regular workload.

The Nrby mobile app is populated with SmartPins that indicate the exact location and type of job, as well as color-coded status noting unassigned or in-progress tasks. When field workers have any downtime, they simply use their smartphone to select the SmartPin job they want next. Once a job is selected, the SmartPin color and status change in that worker’s Nrby app, and all nearby Nrby apps, to indicate the job is taken so other field technicians won’t choose it.



Close Jobs Faster

Because technicians proactively select jobs that are close by, they get to the site much more quickly—which means assignments are completed sooner.

Reduce Field Technician Driving and Costs

By cutting out longer-distance hauls, you’re not only saving time, you’re also saving money—in gas, vehicle maintenance and labor.

Boost Workforce Productivity

Field workers use time previously spent traveling, doing local jobs. Now each technician can handle more jobs per day, and overall productivity increases measurably. You also free up dispatchers who no longer have to assign these jobs. They, too, can tackle other tasks.

Empower Technicians and Keep Them Motivated

All employees want control over their jobs, and that’s exactly what your mobile workforce gets. Instead of being at the mercy of dispatchers who mean well, but often make field technicians’ days longer and harder, they can easily see select jobs on a map and choose nearby ones that fit their current schedule and route. And, as we all know, happy employees perform at a higher level.

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