Nrby SmartPins

Revolutionizing Mobile Workforce Collaboration

Location-based collaboration is the heart of Nrby. SmartPins are what make it possible. They’re what transform traditionally haphazard, disparate mobile worker communications into focused, highly actionable and extremely productive team collaboration. They act as portals for real-time sharing, learning, informing and resolving issues that are important to your business.

Think of SmartPins as both markers and intelligent containers that are configurable to meet any location-based situation imaginable. Represented by graphically descriptive icons, and using a simple, intuitive user interface, they show ‘need-to-know’ peers exactly what the issue is, where it is and the rich, contextual information needed to make smart decisions. And what determines ‘need-to-know’ status? Role-based rules and geofencing, which notifies the right people when they enter and/or leave a specified geofenced area.

SmartPins serve as sending and receiving points for event feeds – data collected by mobile workers or generated by machines or internal system. Because SmartPins are configured with customizable data fields, they enforce consistency and clear understanding of the information they convey. And since they are easily accessed via iPhone and Android smartphones or web-based dashboards, they’re readily available wherever people may be.

Use Nrby SmartPins to:

Convey information that is peer-sourced and/or machine-generated

Identify the location and status of situations and events

Synchronize information with centralized systems and databases

Share tribal and situation-specific knowledge

Send geofenced alerts to specific nearby peers based on their role and location

Spur conversations and proactive actions

Nrby SmartPin Features

Contextual Content

Mobile workers can attach photos, videos, comments to specific SmartPins, and provide gateways to additional knowledge via URLs


Each SmartPin has a unique icon that visually depicts its purpose and makes it easy for people to identify and select from the SmartPin library


Users can engage in real-time conversation through chat on individual SmartPins


Each SmartPin that’s dropped can use geofencing, with customizable radiuses, to alert users when they enter the area


Alerts can make a sound, vibrate, vibrate + sound or a custom voice recording


SmartPins are anchored to a specific location which is reverse geocoded and provides date/time SmartPin was dropped


Role-based rules are easily configured so SmartPins automatically appear on users’ mobile apps if their role requires that information

Time to Live

Each SmartPin can stay active for a pre-defined period of time (minutes, hours, days, forever)


Content uploaded to SmartPins is secure and only visible to appropriate people

Mandatory and Optional Data Fields

Each SmartPin can have customizable fields to collect information relevant to that SmartPin and ensure information is consistently conveyed

Real-Time Stats

Every SmartPin collects stats like who created and last updated it, and who entered/existed events, when and for how long. Event logs and feeds, and audit logs, are easily maintained.

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