Monitor your techs when they need it, where they need it.

Nrby gives your technicians the confidence that you have their back when they may need it the most and provides your team with real-time visibility into field work progress.

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Drive Efficiency and Transparency

Communication and collaboration are centered around specific locations, tagged, and tracked to improve response times and keep teams as efficient as possible. Empower your team to protect themselves when working in dangerous conditions.

Teams work with confidence when they know you have their back

Nrby’s mobile location intelligence capabilities can serve as a lifeline for your teams working in hazardous conditions.

Real-time updates

Workers on-site can provide updates on job progress and safety conditions in real-time via their Nrby-enabled mobile devices.

Prioritize safety

If check-ins by team members are missed, Nrby automatically alerts managers so they can quickly follow up and send assistance if needed.

Job status at-a-glance

Nrby helps managers track the status of all open jobs and focus on those where workers may be experiencing potentially hazardous conditions.

Monitor Automatically & Securely

Nrby’s fire and forget timers will automatically notify the appropriate people when someone is in danger and needs help. Alerts include their location and details of what they were doing. This instantly provides you the information you need to get help there ASAP.

Track the activity of all your solo workers with Nrby’s dashboard. Understand who’s where and what conditions they’re dealing with. All in real-time!

See for yourself how cable works better with Nrby!

Empower your team to protect themselves when working in dangerous conditions.

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