Collect and visualize essential data to address ad hoc and urgent tasks

Nrby helps you track and manage your location-based tasks more efficiently and in real-time.

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Create and assign tasks to your team members

With Nrby everybody knows what tasks are being worked on, when, where, and by whom.

Prioritize and set due dates on all your tasks

Get notified in real-time when a due date is approaching or a task hasn’t been completed.

View task status in real-time with SmartPins

Nrby’s dashboard tracks and visualizes all your tasks in one spot. Eliminate multiple spreadsheets and paper.

Gain greater visibility into your tasks through location

Track the status of your tasks and visualize where those tasks are located quickly and easily with Nrby’s SmartPins and map-based interface.

Collaborate in real-time across departments or teams

Collaborate and communicate within Nrby’s SmartPins to keep everyone connected at all times.

Track your team’s progress

Who’s working on what task? What still needs to get done? Is someone else free to help? Nrby’s reports provide all of these answers and more!

What Nrby’s customers are saying

“Nrby is a great product”

Nrby is a great product that has amazing customer support. One of the best things about Nrby is the ability to utilize it in so many ways and for so many different applications. It literally can be customized to fit any application for business or personal use.

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Eric Zimmerman

Field Ops Manager, Eagle Communications

“Increased Accountability & Ownership”

The ease of use is phenomenal allowing technicians to easily capture location and job data detailing the work they’ve performed as well as use the saved data for future reference.

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Nathan Szubert

VP, System Maintenance & Plant Ops

“Awesome Product”

I can already see tremendous benefits as it relates to managing my manpower, budget, projects and technicians’ safety to name a few. The functionality of the product is simple and straightforward so that implementation was quick and smooth.

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Michael Barker

Director of Technical Operations

Track tasks with Nrby today!

With Nrby’s your mobile workers can focus on the right tasks at the right time; improving their productivity.

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