Temporary Drop

Pick ‘Em Up Quickly



Large cable MSOs do thousands of cable installations daily. Many times, field conditions require them to provide a temporary connection while, for instance, underground conduits are prepped or they’re awaiting access through a key area.

More often than not, temporary drops aren’t well-documented. They’re reported in inconsistent ways, which makes them hard to process, and often there’s no schedule for follow-on removal. This inefficiency and lack of follow-through leads to unhappy customers, who bear the burden of contacting their providers to get the drops removed, and low net promoter score results.



Nrby simplifies the management of temporary drops. Using the Nrby application on their smartphone, installation technicians record temporary drops using a SmartPins, marking their location and status. They can also easily attach special notes along with any photos or videos for processing by the installation or construction teams.

The SmartPins are immediately synchronized with a cloud-based dashboard, where operations personnel view them on map, filtered by status a location. Log reports can show age of each drop and status to inform scheduled follow-up work. Supervisors are automatically notified in real-time as temporary drops are installed, discovered, verified, or serviced and replaced.



Streamline field operations

Because recording temporary drop installations, discoveries and verifications is so simple, technicians are virtually assured to document them. And since they’re using company-sanctioned SmartPins, consistency is assured.

Speed temporary drop removals

Nrby’s automated feeds mean the right people and systems get the information they need to follow through on temporary drops. This eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates the process, from installation to removal.

Boost customer satisfaction

Your customers are no longer annoyed by old drops, or inconvenienced by having to call them in. This boosts customer experience and critical net promoter scores.