Wire Down

Automated Reporting Simplifies Compliance



Utility providers have strict protocols and requirements when it comes to responding to priority calls like down power wires. When a down wire is reported to dispatch, a series of notifications must begin and be fully documented for regulatory compliance purposes.

However, the dispatch, response, notification and documentation processes involved in this are mostly manual, making them time-consuming and error-prone. This slows everything down and can lead to costly mistakes in reporting.



Nrby streamlines and improves the process of managing down wires. It starts when a utility dispatcher uses their OMS to create a SmartPin that signifies a down wire event. The OMS drops the SmartPin on a map, marking its exact location and attaching all pertinent details.

The SmartPin automatically creates a geofenced alert area and notifies nearby service trucks via an audible tone and by posting a down wire SmartPin on the technician’s smartphone. The responding technician simply taps the SmartPin to see incident details and confirm. When they reach the incident, Nrby automatically records time of arrival.

Technicians can update status on the SmartPin, adding video, photos, notes and required fields for tracking and reporting. Dispatchers immediately get updates on their dashboard, where they can add other regulatory documentation, and nearby technicians see them on their phones. When the job is done and the technician leaves, Nrby automatically captures time of completion for regulatory and cost accounting purposes.



Improve reporting quality

Down wire processes and records are now consistent, accurate and complete. This enables you to avoid mistakes and information gaps that are inevitable with manual, ad-hoc reporting methods.

Speed compliance reporting

Nrby’s automated feeds mean the right people and systems get the information they need right away. This saves a lot of time and eliminates reporting bottlenecks.

Simplify repair process

The closest service technicians are instantly notified and can easily respond and, later, update repair status, with a simple tap.