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Location Intelligence

With Nrby's dynamic location intelligence platform, organizations are streamlining the process of capturing, visualizing, and sharing location-specific information. Fundamentally reinventing how mobile work gets done.

Introducing Nrby VU

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See your organization from all angles. All on one dashboard. Any time you want. Discover how Nrby VU’s analytics dashboard can drive better decisions.

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"Since the launch roughly 5 months ago, Arvig has experienced a 41% improvement (almost 12 days on average) in construction task completions as compared to the same period in 2020."

Shaun Carlson | Director of Research and Development, Arvig

Data-Driven Decisions are
Cost-Saving Decisions

Reduce inefficiencies and save costs with
on-demand data analytics as well as predictive analytics that can shape future business and operational decisions.

Solve the On-Site
Documentation Dilemma

Nrby can accelerate your company’s digital transformation by digitizing on-site intelligence, automating workflows and making them actionable.

SmartPin™ Technology Delivers Location Intelligence

With Nrby SmartPin™ technology and powerful workflow engine, your mobile teams will capture and deliver the information necessary for management to make location-intelligent choices.

How Customers are Using Nrby


  • Contractor Management
  • Project Management
  • Locates
  • Pole Audits
  • Forced Relocates
  • Contractor QA
  • Fiber Planning (sourcing of data points and shape files)

Plant Maintenance

  • Plant Damage/Work (pedestal, pole, vault, lashing, pole transfers, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Management (outage, optimization, maintenance, noise, etc.)
  • Preventative Maintenance (devices out of spec, node health, etc.)
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Generator Management
  • Power Supply Management
  • And More!

Site Surveys

  • Fixed Wireless Signal Mapping
  • Fixed Wireless Installation Mapping
  • Installation Checklists (fiber, HFC, copper, etc.)
  • Drop Management
  • Temporary Drops
  • Drop Removal
  • Installation QA

Turn the data you have into the growth you want.