The Smarter Way for Mobile Teams to Communicate

Document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location to drive profits and operational savings.
communication platform
communication platform
communication platform
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The smarter communication platform.

Industries nrby serves

Forward thinking business leaders are digitally transforming business processes to drive profits, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

cable tech


Reduce unnecessary truck rolls.

construction software


Deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Eliminate inefficiency.

Fiberglass network under construction


Lower operating costs.

Infrastructure Software


Eliminate wasted time & unnecessary expenses.

municipality platform


Manage assets to increase productivity.

Engineer surveyor working with theodolite at construction site


Eliminate daily bottlenecks.

utility workers


Complete work accurately and effectively.

wireless tracking software


Make more on every service call.

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Configurable workflows for today's mobile worker.

Your work is unorganized and stuck in manual processes. Your data is inconsistent and inaccurate. Nrby’s configurable workflows and no-code platform will create consistent processes and deliver accurate data capture. Learn how to drive your team’s productivity.

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communication platform

Document Anything.

SmartPins initiated at a specific GPS location make it simple for mobile teams to capture and document anything, using photos, automatic data collection, and digital forms.

Take Action.

Information captured with Nrby SmartPins empowers teams to work together seamlessly by automating workflow with automatic status updates, assignments, and notifications.

communication platform
communication platform

Unlock Insights.

The information captured with Nrby SmartPins is stored with location-intelligence, giving new historical timelines, reports, and analytics that empower businesses to do more, eliminate costs, and drive customer satisfaction.

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