Peer Power at Work

Location-based workforce collaboration saves your business time and money

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 Instantly connect with coworkers & add rich content for great results



Use geofencing & role-based rules to alert the right people


Machine Data

Take real-time action on machine-generated data, enabled through Nrby’s API

SmartPin It with Nrby’s Location-Based Workforce Collaboration

Use targeted SmartPins to map problems or events on your Nrby smartphone app or web dashboard, drop contextual information into the SmartPins, and Nrby does the rest…automatic, real-time information sharing, privately and securely, with nearby peers who need to know.

Instantly Share Insights and Rock the Results

Nrby helps business run smoother, smarter and faster. You’ll empower your mobile workforce, achieve better outcomes, boost productivity and improve customer experience. And it’s all hassle-free.

Mobile Workers Do Better Together

We believe Peer Power is the driving engine behind successful business. It’s also fundamental to being human. A group of peers, collaborating for a common good, improves work, lives and outcomes. Which is why it’s at the heart of everything Nrby does.

By Peers, for Peers

We’ve been helping some of the largest service providers and enterprises empower their mobile workforces and automate back-end processes—taking input directly from field service technicians and operations personnel to create game-changing team collaboration workspaces that deliver real business value.


New Location-Based Solutions Make It Easy for Field Technicians to Anticipate and Eliminate Service Interruptions, Complete More Work Orders Per Day...


With the power of SmartPins at hand, Nrby is working towards empowering workforces, enhancing customer experience, and extending employee safety.


Watch and learn how employees are staying safer by leveraging mobile devices to convey critical safety alerts and updates.