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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:50:44 AM1 min read

How Is Nrby a Crowdsourcing App?

Crowdsourcing apps and services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Aside from standalone apps, crowdsourcing is even being implemented into the apps and services we use every day for personal entertainment and pleasure, not just work.

Staying in line with current tech innovation, Nrby implements crowdsourced information and can be defined as a crowdsourcing app. But before we get into how Nrby is a crowdsourcing app, we need to define what crowdsourcing is.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is the collection of data from a consistently changing and evolving group of participants, usually via the internet. It’s the accumulation of information that leads to a cumulative result.

Simply, crowdsourcing allows the people to create information widely regarded as true on any usable platform. The platform can be public or private, and the people can be outsiders, employees, fans, or paid contributors.

Examples of Crowdsourcing Apps and Services

Google Maps and Waze are great examples of crowdsourcing apps. The photos you see and information that populates Google Maps locations are usually crowdsourced. The app outright asks you to verify if information is true or to add missing information to a listing. Waze does this as well with accident sightings, police looking out for speeders, road closings, and many more. It’s all populated by its users. Crowdsourced.

Another great example is Wikipedia. Most, if not all, of the information on Wikipedia is researched, written, and uploaded by regular people. This is why Wikipedia is always asking for donations, because they are a not-for-profit crowdsourced encyclopedia.

The crowdsourcing app Citizen is a good example of community-involved crowdsourced information. It allows people to post live photos, videos, and comments of happenings right now and shows how many people approve/agree that the information is true.

How Does Nrby Utilize Crowdsourcing?

As a crowdsourcing app, Nrby allows its persistent attributes to be crowdsourced. Persistent attributes are configurable data fields within a SmartPin and drives business success by:

  • Reducing redundancy with clean and helpful information.
  • Saving time and money – allowing you to collect business related crowdsourced information from your staff, customers and partners.
  • Identifying sales opportunities from your mobile teams, customers and partners real time and well before the competition.

It is easy to start crowdsourcing with Nrby. Contact us today for a demo specific crowdsourcing needs and we can help you get set up in no time.