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Mike SilvaOct 27, 2020 9:15:31 AM2 min read

Why Modern Mobile Teams Excel Utilizing Actionable Insights?

You’ve probably heard the term “data-driven” in relation to modern businesses or at least in terms of their analytics. It’s easier to say than to do, as it seems most businesses don’t know how to act on their analytics.

Actionable insights come to the rescue, helping to bridge this gap and help businesses make sense of their data—and to actually be data-drive.

actionable insights pyramid
Source: Kellogg School of Management

Insights Are at the Pinnacle of the Pyramid

If data were shaped as a pyramid, raw data forms its base. Above that comes information. And above that comes insight.

This concept shows that understanding the analytics of your project or business is much more than just obtaining data or even information. But even with this, many businesses struggle to do anything with the insight, even if they do understand it. Hence: actionable insights.

actionable insights

The Value of Actionable Insights

An actionable insight is more valuable than a strictly informative insight. It’s one that drives an action, which in turn improves the quality of your product/service/business.

Actionable insights also inform, of course. For example, your analytics team reaches the insights portion of the pyramid and tells you that 60% of a neighborhood has 5G wireless coverage. That’s great information, but it doesn’t say what the next steps should be.

In that scenario, the actionable insight would be more specific, providing clarity to the person receiving it. Instead of “60% is covered”, the actionable insight would say “60% is covered with 5G using this antenna model while the remaining 40% is covered with 4G using this other antenna model.”

It specifies not only the why the 60% is covered, but why the remaining 40% is not covered. While actionable insights don’t spell out the next steps for you, they do provide enough specific data for you to make an informed decision on your own. In this case, the next step would be to replace the 4G antenna.

Mobile Teams Using Actionable Insights

While the scenario above may not apply to your industry, you should be able to relate in some way. Mobile teams need these actionable insights to perform better on-site.

Without knowing the actionable specifics, mobile teams spend much more time investigating rather than acting. Actionable insights outline what needs to happen now while informing them on why it needs to happen. Maybe the example above is too simple, but it’s one that you should be able to apply to your own business.

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