The Sky’s the Limit

Nrby helps you save significant time and money by empowering your business to run smoother, smarter and faster. The use cases are virtually limitless. Bookmark this page and you’ll see new ones added regularly. Or reach out to learn how Nrby can enable your specific use case with your own set of SmartPins.

While our solutions are wide-ranging, they all deliver the same core benefits. If your business relies on mobile co-workers sharing information to get jobs done, we bet you’ll profit from them, too:

Empower Mobile Workforces

With Nrby SmartPins at their fingertips, workers have a much greater impact on job success—and they know it. As do their peers. When they’re making a real difference, they’re more energized to work hard and more invested in your business.

Achieve Better Business Outcomes  

Everyone in the “work chain” receives high-quality, consistent information, thanks to SmartPins that contain rich, event-specific content (photos, videos, notes, links). Workers trust that information because it comes from their peer groups. Better information leads to smarter decisions and hard-hitting results. And all activity is logged and archived for auditing and continuous operations improvement.

Boost Productivity

Critical information is shared in real-time with people who need to know, and they pay attention because they’re not inundated. They’re only alerted when they reach the geofenced area of interest and if it’s appropriate to their job. Plus, automation eliminates gap-filled, manual processes by instantly feeding data from one component to the next, speeding everything along.

Enhance Customer Experience

Field workers who serve and interact with customers play a key role in how your organization and services are perceived. Now that they’re able to solve problems better and faster, everyone wins – especially the customers who are affected. And that’s exceedingly good for business.

It’s all Hassle-Free

There’s no training, no waiting and no headaches. Since Nrby’s a cloud-based SaaS platform, you don’t deploy any infrastructure. Our one-touch SmartPins and dashboards are extraordinarily easy to use. And the Nrby app runs on the smartphones workers already have. The icing on the cake? Your solution is private to your enterprise, and your data is relayed over Nrby’s secure platform, so there’s no need to worry about exposure risks.

Ready to test it out?