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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:46:31 AM4 min read

10 Ways Nrby Serves Department of Public Works Across All 50 States

1. Stormwater Management

Storm-DrainProtecting an area from flooding is quite the involved process, and one that is guaranteed to be overlooked by residents. For the Department of Public Works, storms are generally a cause for anxiety because of how unpredictable they are and the resources required to stop a flood once it’s started. They can easily cause irreparable damage and force residents to lose trust in their government.

Nrby helps you stay on top of stormwater management by providing a platform that makes it easy to manage projects, fixed and mobile assets, and personnel. Quickly see the status, assets and resources and workflows required, personnel on the task, and areas affected all on an easy-to-use map.


2. Fleet Management

Keep track of your vehicles with added detail on Nrby. Track locations, drivers, fuel expenses, inspections, and more from our platform.

Fleet management is beneficial to the Department of Public Works across all 50 states because of the wide range of vehicle needing upkeep. Construction, repairs, upgrades, and more require a fleet of well-running vehicles. Stay on top of it easily with Nrby workflows.


3. Resident Safety Alerts

In the case of an emergency, it’s important to be able to reach residents quickly in an affected area. Understanding the cause, solution, location, and severity are all greatly important when using resident safety alerts, and also help prevent mass hysteria. By targeting only those in an affected area, you help keep the entire municipality safe.

Nrby lets you see inform citizens in real time on a mobile device, keeping everyone up to date with relevant information with ease and efficiency. Informed residents are safe and happy citizens.


4. Powerline Management

The Department of Public Works across all 50 states should stay updated on the status and efficiency of the powerlines in their designated areas.

With Nrby, you can target each line with real-time information and allow your team to update the status as manage the lines and poles. This keeps everyone informed and eliminates unnecessary overlap of resources, keeping your assets managed and the lights on for your businesses and residents.


5. Infrastructure Upgrades

Across all 50 states, there is a push for the Department of Public Works to upgrade and update existing infrastructure to something newer, modernized and more eco-friendly. However, infrastructures of any kind, whether it’s power, water, sewer, or roadways, can be tough to manage and keep track of. Especially in larger, more populated areas.

Nrby’s project management features let you easily track the status of all infrastructure upgrades. It uses pre-existing workflows and assignments to easily manage infrastructure to keep the entire team from the Department of Public Works efficient and synced.


6. Preventative Maintenance

cable techIt’s often more efficient, eco-friendly, and resource-friendly to perform preventative maintenance where possible. Ensuring certain power lines or waterways are in good working order, for example.

With Nrby, a map of the area allows you and your team to pinpoint exact locations of any asset. In this one pin, you can add model numbers, inspection dates, materials used, and preventative maintenance checklists to assure work is thorough and on time. Once Nrby is utilized, you can easily monitor areas in need and handle the task accordingly, all through one app.


7. Fixed Asset Management

Fixed assets are long-term purchases like land, buildings and infrastructure which aren’t looked at as profitable for the short term. For the Department of Public Works across all 50 states, purchasing land, buildings and infrastructure for public use or governmental use should be monitored and maintained properly to keep its value longer.

While Municipalities aren’t expecting profits from these fixed assets today, Municipalities should keep track of these assets to see their progression over time. Nrby makes this easy with configured fields available on any pin created within the app. This way, Municipalities can see the historical records of maintenance of any fixed asset across the municipality and maintain the value of the fixed asset longer.


8. Agency-to-Agency Collaboration

CollaborationCommunication is simple on the Nrby platform. Easily collaborate on shared Smart Pins and workflows. With agency-to-agency collaboration so easily available, the Department of Public Works can perform more efficiently.


9. Sewer Management

It’s safe to say sewer mishaps are unfortunate for residents as well as the Department of Public Works across all 50 states. Stay on top of maintenance, status, and upgrades easily with Nrby’s Smart Pins and project management features.

Keep track of updates, upgrades, water meters, pump activity, and more. Assign a team to an area, manage the personnel, the vehicles, and equipment to keep sewer management efficient and on budget.


10. Real-time Police and Fire Notifications

Real-time notifications are essential for emergency teams like police and fire officials. In case of an emergency,

Nrby lets you notify the people of your choosing within a specific area instantly on a mobile device. With real-time data, instant notifications, and easy communication tools, the Department of Public Works across all 50 states can more efficiently and safely contact police and fire officials. In some Municipalities, Residents use Nrby to notify the town of issues and hazards.