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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:48:52 AM1 min read

Do You Need a Fleet Maintenance App? Here’s How to Tell

Distributing your workforce across various sites implies your reliance on vehicles to transport them there. Part of what makes a mobile team so reliable is timeliness and punctuality.

Without a properly maintained fleet, your reliability score is eaten away, not to mention potential loss in revenue. So how do you know if you need a fleet maintenance app solution? Let’s look at the deciding factors.

Your Fleet Size

Larger fleets require more attention and more time. A fleet maintenance app is essential for keeping track of vehicles and their statuses. While it’s not impossible to check them through other methods (e.g. pen and paper, end-of-day reports, etc), it is time consuming.

Other methods also rely on accurate worker input later on in the day. With a fleet maintenance app, your team can instantly report the status. Being able to take these notes in the moment ensures the safety, timeliness, and reliability of your fleet and your team.

The Distance Your Fleet Travels

The range or distance your fleet travels also impacts your need for a fleet maintenance app.

We’ve already established that larger fleets, no matter the range, basically require a maintenance app. Smaller fleets are much more manageable without one, but if they travel long distances then using maintenance app is a great habit to get into.

The further your fleet travels, the more likely an issue will occur. It’s just the nature of traveling. If your team can make regular updates on each vehicle’s status, then it’s much easier to maintain them. You can more confidently send out vehicles and keep vehicles in for a checkup.

Fleet Maintenance SmartPins & Pre-Existing Workflows


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A Fleet Maintenance App Offers Complete Accountability

Easily keep track of maintenance, all in one app. Nrby’s fleet maintenance workflow is the easiest way to keep your fleet on the road and meeting timelines. It also keeps your employees accountable. There’s nothing to question when each activity on a vehicle is outlined chronologically per vehicle, per driver.