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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:48:55 AM2 min read

What is Location Intelligence Software?

Mobile technology platforms are changing the way businesses interact with their customers, partners and contractors. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, driving mobile tech use far beyond previous trends. More than ever, businesses are leveraging new tools to connect with their constituents like never before. The driver for this enhanced communication is location intelligence technology, which has already shown business value across multiple verticals that utilize mobile teams.

location intelligence software
What is Location Intelligence Software and how does it help my business?

  1. Clean & Actionable Data: Location intelligence software captures the precise location of a technician, crew member, utility pole, vehicle, or any other target in the field. Data tracked in this way is always current and accessible compared to physical maps or records–which can be lost, damaged, or made obsolete. The history of assets and activities in a location intelligence database are also easier to track, and this lifecycle information is particularly important in knowing where to capture, act or service customers. With 70% of telecommunications companies already saying that location intelligence is critical to their success, it seems likely that data collection will continue to grow with further adoption of this technology.
  2. 100% Uptime: Location intelligence software doesn’t need to be turned on, shut down, or periodically recycled; it is always ready when needed. When this “always on” functionality is paired with user-friendly mobile devices, it allows for seamless data collection with minimal user input, regardless of the time of entry. By being accessible and updatable at any time, teams can easily use and add to their system of record, even outside normal work hours or across time zones.
  3. Cloud Based: Cloud technology has seen rapid adoption as a more cost-effective and practical way to store and access data. Location intelligence platforms like Nrby are easily adapted to the cloud, ensuring data is both secure and easily accessible. This is especially important as COVID-19 forces companies to reorient their workflows away from centralized offices. 

Nrby is on the forefront of the emerging location intelligence technology trend. Government, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications companies are quickly adopting Nrby’s location intelligence platform to augment their teams process, provide better service and realize new revenue streams. Field data is collected and shared across mobile teams to ensure clean data is captured and acted upon at each work site, enabling companies to save time and money.

To learn more about how to put Nrby to work for your business, contact us or sign up for a demo.