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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:44:54 AM2 min read

3 Reasons Field Data is Invaluable to Mobile Teams

Field data gives mobile teams insight into the happenings of a job or site. This collection of data allows team managers to make more informed decisions regarding any particular job. The end result should always equal cost-efficiency and streamlined task enforcement.

The term “field data” is broad, covering many types of information ranging in importance depending on the industry. This could be general site data, i.e. the type of land, elevation, bedrock, and other surveyed information. It could be information taken from an interview regarding internet speed and satisfaction.

No matter the type collected, field data is invaluable to all members of an organization, especially mobile teams. Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why that is.

Field Data Streamlines Communication within Mobile Teams

An initial survey of the site and a checklist of materials helps mobile teams optimize their performance. This field data informs teams of when to perform a task, what type of machinery is needed, or which member of the team is best for this specific area.

Communication outside of mobile teams, like between teams and project managers or clients, is equally streamlined. Field data provided by mobile teams helps their employers and clients better understand the whys and hows of a job, which in turn improves general understanding and satisfaction.

Improving a Service through Mobile Team Field Data

Customer satisfaction is usually one of the leading motives for updates to a service. When mobile teams offer surveys or questionnaires to current customers or even people who refused service, that field data helps improve the product.

Maybe you can see where this is going. Field data collected leads motivates companies to improve a service. An improved service leads to happier customers and more customers. More customers lead to higher profits.

And there you have it, field data leading straight to profitability.

Mobile Teams Need Field Data to Understand Their Job

In the simplest of terms, modern and affective mobile teams need field data. Otherwise, they won’t understand the task at hand. Imagine showing up at a job site and knowing nothing of the location, the materials being used, the machinery needed, or the people you’re working with?

To understand the job and perform it with few errors, mobile teams absolutely need to collect field data to drive efficiency, do the job right, make happy customers and sell more. This is where Nrby thrives.