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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:44:51 AM1 min read

3 Ways Nrby Helps Cable and Telecom with Neighborhood Mapping

Being able to map out an area, pinpoint what needs to be done, what has been done, and what could be done in the future is an ability most companies benefit from. This is all too true for cable and telecom companies, whose goal is to reach every household and business with their service.

Both the cable industry and telecom industry benefit greatly from Nrby’s neighborhood mapping capabilities. Being able to open the Nrby app and see an entire area, whether it’s for planning potential expansion or tracking current installation projects, is invaluable.

Let’s look at the three best ways cable and telecom benefit from neighborhood tracking.

neighborhood mapping

Infrastructure and Maintenance Neighborhood Mapping

First and foremost, mapping out your infrastructure throughout a neighborhood is essential if a company wants to know what their capabilities are in said area. Nrby lets you map what equipment is being used, which locations service is executing, and the details (e.g. speed, model numbers, etc.).

This type of neighborhood mapping lets you understand areas that may need upgrade, why certain homes are flagged for maintenance, and which locations you can scout out to sell your service to.


Neighborhood Mapping for Installation Checklists

As an extension of infrastructure, your employees can use neighborhood mapping to run checklists on certain locations and equipment. This helps to ensure projects are completed thoroughly so no one wastes time or resources fixing an easily preventable mistake.

Furthermore, items on a checklist can later be flagged for repair or inspection. Again, neighborhood mapping in this form prevents unnecessary waste of resources by telling your employees exactly what needs to be repaired.

Improved Communication through Neighborhood Mapping

You can avoid hunting for information, prevent delays, and streamline your employees’ workflow through neighborhood mapping on Nrby. By pinpointing service locations, equipment locations, and anything else related to your cable or telecom business, you can assign an employee to a specific place with little effort.

Through the app, an employee can be assigned a task instantly (even automatically), know exactly where to go, and understand exactly what needs to be done. Your service team is streamlined and work can be performed more efficiently with better communication.