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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:44:49 AM1 min read

3 Ways to Use Nrby’s Site Survey Checklist

Site survey checklists are an ever-important tool in ensuring you’ve met the criteria of a job, especially as task lists or material amounts increase.

While the site survey checklist available with the Nrby platform  is completely configurable to match each site or job, you might still be wondering how to get the most out of it.

Wireless Site Survey Checklists Show Strategic Indicators

If you work in wireless, you know by now that the field is growing exponentially. Technology is always changing, there is a constant flow of updates consumers and manufacturers are all too eager to leap on.

In stating this, it gets difficult to keep track of which towers have which capabilities and cover which areas. There are a lot of questions that need answers, especially now that we all rely so heavily on mobile data.

Nrby’s site survey checklist lets you track model and part numbers, features/aspects, dates of installation, and much more. It even offers an at-a-glance look at the towers that are okay and ones that need work by color-coding them.

installation checklistsTask Management for Department of Public Works

For DPW‘s who work out in the field, you’re probably eager to know what’s left on your plate for the day. Our site survey checklists make it easy for all field workers to both record information and confirm task completion.

Nrby is dedicated to providing you with every opportunity towards continuous productivity. Knowing what’s been accomplished, automating your activity milestones, and providing up-to-date information about your worksite is invaluable.

Work as a Team for Rapid Completion

One of the best parts about Nrby when it comes to site survey checklists is its ability for collaboration.

In many industries, you aren’t working side-by-side with someone. With Nrby, you and your coworkers can all make updates to your site survey checklists without wasting time making extraneous communication.

Communication, collaborate, and complete your site work with efficiency and accuracy to lower operational expenses.