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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:44:24 AM2 min read

5 Reasons Why Municipalities Need Asset Management Software

Municipalities, no matter the size, are always faced with updates, maintenance, compliance, and complaints. That’s a lot to juggle and can easily go awry if not managed properly or efficiently.

Nrby’s platform provides an easy, one-stop shop for municipalities to stay organized. Here are our 5 reasons why municipalities need asset management software and why Nrby is the top choice.

Emergencies Don’t Stand-By for You to Get Organized

When there’s an emergency like power failures due to fallen trees, roads flooded, or house fires, the event doesn’t wait for your team to get organized. It runs rampant and escalates until you tackle it. The sooner you get organized, the better it is for everyone.

An asset management software like Nrby is the perfect solution for municipalities. Asset information, photos, and requirements are all easily available on a map under a single pin. From there, you have everything you need to send over the right team with the right workflows, as fast as possible, to handle the emergency.

Know The Status and Where Water Meters Are Located Across the Municipality

Issues with water meters are all too common for municipalities. Without a proper asset management software like Nrby, entire neighborhoods can have incorrect readings and in some cases, interrupted service.

With Nrby, water meters are tracked on the platform. You’ll always know the status of each meter, can quickly fix any issues, and even set up preventative maintenance measures. Data is organized and easy to understand all on an interactive map so citizens can stay in better touch with their municipality.

Keep Track of Road Conditions

Road conditions are a top complaint for residents in all municipalities, large or small. Potholes, large cracks, bridge deterioration and even streets are not just an annoyance but a real issue for drivers. They cause vehicular problems and pose a threat to the safety of not only your residents but your emergency personnel as well.

Nrby lets you capture the location, size, and hazard level of potholes and other road hazards in real time. As an asset management software, it’s the simplest way to identify, track, and repair any issues with your roads.

Keep Your Municipality Up and Running with Monitored Generators

Generators are necessary as a backup solution in case the main power infrastructure collapses. While they’re meant to be temporary, generators in your municipality can run longer when you use Nrby to manage them.

Set each with a timer to maintain the longevity of their power and keep your municipality up and running without a hitch. Nrby makes it easy to stay powered and track the maintenance of your power infrastructure by allowing you to easily manage your municipality’s assets.

Manage Projects Remotely to Prevent Delays

Everyone gets sick and needs a day away from the office or has to juggle multiple meetings and projects at once. With Nrby’s asset management software for municipalities, you can manage projects remotely (and quickly).

The platform gives you at-a-glance information and allows you to organize your assets so you can clearly see status, activity, and assets. Projects get done faster with less stress, allowing your residents and town workers to gain a heightened level of trust.