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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:41:43 AM2 min read

How Location Intelligence Software Help Mobile Teams

location intelligence software

Mobile teams are only as effective as the location intelligence software they use to stay connected, solve problems, and track results. With Nrby, mobile teams can do all of that and more, all while creating a better experience for team members and cutting cost. In some circumstances even generating revenue–for the companies that deploy them. For any industry that relies on mobile teams to execute activities  in the field, Nrby is a critical tool.

With Nrby, teams can:

  1. Identify Growth Opportunities: With Nrby’s location intelligence software, tasks, targets, and completed jobs are plotted visually on a customizable map-based dashboard. This enables sales and market research teams to spot patterns in customer locations, demographics, and behavior and use that information to extrapolate likely new leads and customers. Nrby also incorporates checklist functionality for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, providing a valuable repository of data for sales teams to follow up on.


  2. location intelligence softwareCommunicate More Efficiently: One of the principle challenges for any mobile team is staying connected amid heavy field work and constantly rotating job locations. Nrby’s SmartPins digitize over 150 workflows that previously was completed through paperwork or phone calls to management. All of the field communication can be set up to be viewed and acted upon by all relevant members of a team. The locations, work status, and updates from each team member can be accessed in real time with the swipe of a finger or at the office via desktop.


  3. Resolve Field Issues Quickly: Mobile teams move faster when access to needed information is easily accessible. Nrby’s location intelligence software solves that need for relevant information within the field. Managers or team leaders can guide team members more efficiently, with a bird’s eye view of how they are faring on the ground, and can provide real-time support to tasks requiring additional resources. 

The activities associated with mobile teams–customer service, installation, infrastructure maintenance, and more–don’t have to be the financial drain that companies often assume. By adding new sales generation opportunities and boosting efficiency, Nrby tackles this problem from both ends–increasing the revenue and reducing costs.

Nrby’s benefits extend beyond mobile teams to the larger corporate framework that those teams support, and the technology will continue to be a strategic solution used to drive operational efficiency, higher profit margins and open new revenue streams. Our team is happy to set up a demo specific to your teams needs.