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Mike SilvaOct 9, 2020 9:56:42 AM1 min read

How Nrby Simplifies Site Survey Checklists

Site surveys can be long, overly complicated, and time consuming. Nrby simplifies site survey checklists by allowing you to configure the site survey form to fit the needs of each site.

Every location is different, so having a history of past visits better prepares you for the next visit, or possibly a sudden change in a sites condition or needs.

site survey checklist

What Makes Our Site Survey Checklist Workflow Different?

Nrby’s communication platform harbors multiple site survey checklist workflows for cable, electric, circuitry, equipment,  network and many more, so you can easily pinpoint and map the site quickly and easily.

Our form and workflows are designed to let you gather all the information you need to determine the parameters of work with a single visit. If you need to configure an existing workflow, that is easily done within the site survey checklist workflow of choice.

Documented Findings & Actionable Workflows

With the Nrby’s site survey checklist workflows, all of the findings are clearly documented and readily accessible for you and team members who access to the Nrby platform. This documented site information will be helpful in the future when it’s time to upgrade, or in the event that you need to make repairs, the site information with be at your finger tips to speed up the repair and upgrades.

Nrby’s list of site survey checklist workflows are the easiest and most flexible solution on the market to help you and your team finish your work accurately and in less time.