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Mike SilvaOct 14, 2020 7:11:52 AM2 min read

Why Go Paperless?

Going paperless has been a long time coming. More companies and industries as a whole have adopted paperless methods for maintaining communication with their clients, customers, and employees.

There are many reasons why anyone, whether an individual or a company, should go paperless. Most use the reason of conservation and environmental protection as their goal, but there’s more to it than just that. Of course, that is a great reason to do it, but there are others that directly benefit your company, thus creating more motive.

why go paperless

Going Paperless Saves Money

There’s a cost to printing letterheads, sending envelopes, and using stamps. A literal monetary cost that can be completely eliminated by going paperless.

Depending on your company, the amount you gain back from not using paper materials differs. There’s also the cost of using electronic devices instead. For example, instead of signing papers, you sign on iPads which don’t come cheap. However, a tablet is much more capable than a piece of paper, so the pros outweigh the cons in this scenario.

And look at how much information Nrby’s platform can hold. That wouldn’t be possible on paper while maintaining its ease-of-use.

why go paperlessReal Time Access to Data When You Go Paperless

Using paper to document work or contracts gets old, fast. Going paperless lets you create one digital document that can be updated at any moment without taking up physical space.

Contracts can be updated instantaneously, mistakes can be corrected with the tap of a button, and data points can be changed in real time. None of this can happen as quickly or efficiently on paper. Not to mention the amount of physical space saved.

Nrby is a prime example of real-time data collection. It’s constantly updated with new points and new information to replace what was published just seconds ago.

Instantaneous Communication – Save Money & Make Money!

Instead of paper communicate with your mobile teams, using email or Nrby’s assignment capabilities lets you do it instantly. This is part of the argument that going paperless is a big time-saver. In this case specifically, time is not wasted in wait of a response. Speed to sale. Speed to resolution. Time is money and real time communication saves time.

Going Paperless Makes Your Company Look Green

Green (and blue) are widely understood to mean eco-friendly. Companies that “go green” are looked are more positively by clients and customers, and can even help you gain new clients.

While this reason sounds overly used and cliché, it does work. Recently, big tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft have announced pledges to be carbon-neutral by a specified date. I won’t place a bet on this being the sole reason they’re successful, but I can safely say going paperless has provided the stepping stones for true eco-friendliness.