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Brittany HoganFeb 21, 2024 10:41:18 AM1 min read

Poll Results: Are You Ready for F2F Events?


The COVID-19 pandemic is being talked about at every turn. When will it “end”? When can things get back to normal? Or, what will the new normal be? Another question that our team, our customers, and our partners have been asking (as I’m sure many companies are also asking) lately is; “When will it be safe to get back to attending face-to-face events again?”

Recently, we created and posted a poll to our LinkedIn account. With our own team discussing and weighing opportunities of heading out to in-person events this year, we decided we wanted to find out how others felt about it. We were hoping to get a sense of whether or not allocating resources towards f2f events would be worthwhile for us. Would people still feel the need to be cautious, stay home, and stick to virtual events for the foreseeable future? Or would they feel that traveling to attend large events would be an okay thing to do as long as they’re done in a safe manner? 

Well, here is what our 2021 f2f events poll results found:

  • 60% of poll participants are ready to get back to f2f events now.
  • 20% said they aren’t ready just yet, but maybe will be in a few months.
  • 13% answered that they most likely wouldn’t feel ready until sometime in 2022.
  • And lastly, 8% responded that they wouldn’t be ready to get back to f2f events for a long time.

60% of participants answering that they are ready to get back to in-person events was a higher percentage than we expected. 

While 60% is a stronger number than expected if it means attendance is off by 40% that is always a big consideration when determining how best to use resources.  What are your thoughts?  Are you ready to get back out to network in person at events?  And, when do you feel like we will be back at 100% ready as business professionals to start attending F2F events? 

Visit our new poll asking these questions and let us know or add your comments here.

Maybe we will see you at an upcoming event later this year!