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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:41:33 AM1 min read

Improve Workflow with Location Intelligence Software

With the evolution of map-based software, there’s never been a better time to improve your company’s workflow. While GPS technology is at the forefront of logistical innovation for many industries, telecommunications, cable, and utility companies are still struggling to employ fully digital solutions to meet multiple business needs. Answering these needs, Nrby provides a location intelligence software solution that seamlessly integrates into a company’s workflow, positively augmenting field crews processes and providing them with accurate location data provided by customers themselves.

Nrby’s Location Intelligence Software Create Efficient Workflows

With Nrby, field workers and office leaders can:

  1. Find work based on location: Nrby helps crews eliminate crisscrossing and backtracking. All service locations are plotted on a shared map, so team members can focus on the most accessible sites and spend more time working and less time traveling.
  2. Track the status of existing service locations: Our location software enables each task to be updated with accurate information on its status based on previous servicing, customer data, and more. In effect, team members have access to a site’s lifetime service history and no longer depend on personal or institutional memory.
  3. Work more efficiently: The Nrby platform reduces inbound customer service calls and enables more direct communication between team members, meaning more sites can be serviced in a time period. For work crews, Nrby’s SmartPin system provides extensive data across the board, reducing uncertainty no matter where they are or what needs to be done.
  4. Identify new sales opportunities from the field: With Nrby, customer care and service teams are empowered to identifying new opportunities in the field. With a simple click and a 15 second form fill, service teams can capture an opportunity and give the sales teams the information they need to jump on the opportunity real time.

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Location software has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and industry leaders that have utilized it are already seeing significant improvements to their workflows and bottom lines. As the next evolution in that trend, Nrby is empowering companies with better management systems, leaner budgets, and clearer communications. Contact us to find out how your department can save time and money while providing better, faster service to your customers.