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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:48:50 AM2 min read

Eagle Communications Selects Nrby to Improve Plant Operations

Eagle Communications is using Nrby mobile platform to simplify and boost efficiencies in cable plant maintenance, generator management and temporary drops.

Nrby, pioneer of location-based awareness and productivity, today announced that Eagle Communications has joined the growing base of cable providers using the Nrby platform to accelerate and enhance plant operations.

Using Nrby on their smartphones, Eagle technicians can instantly and accurately capture data and images about plant issues, create and review historical maintenance records for fixed generators and quickly input construction requirements to efficiently close temporary wire drops, while on-site. Nrby automatically sends that information to the right stakeholders, enabling Eagle to quickly complete jobs. That real-time data is automatically collected, processed and stored in historical records, while made available via a web-based dashboard.

  • Plant Maintenance Issues – When Eagle technicians discover a plant issue, they drop SmartPins representing issue on the map. Actionable timers on the SmartPins ensure any issue that isn’t attended to in a prescribed timeframe gets escalated. When technicians finish a job they remove the SmartPin, which triggers completion status to be noted in the record.
  • Temporary Drops – Nrby allows the service tech to complete his/her part of the project via digitally capturing their part of the installation. From there they can take pictures, fill out service forms, etc. that show they didn’t damage the shrubbery and/or other items.
  • Generator Management – Technicians access historical maintenance records while on-site using their Nrby smartphone app, viewing information about all the work done on that generator. They then enter their work on the SmartPin’s SmartForm, adding to the generator’s work history. This results in more informed decision-making and effective maintenance checks.

“We’re thrilled Eagle Communications has selected Nrby to enhance plant operations, and that they’re realizing such significant benefits across a variety of use cases,” said Ron Miller, Vice President of Product Management at Nrby. “Eagle’s wide-spread use of Nrby is a testament to the value it provides to organizations with mobile workforces.” 

About Eagle Communications

Eagle Communications, Inc. is a Kansas-based Broadband Services and Media Company with over 290 employee-owners. The company operates 28 radio stations in Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri as well as cable TV systems in 60 Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado communities. The company also offers e-business solutions, web hosting, telephone service, high-speed Internet, and wireless Internet in most service areas. For more information log on to