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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:48:45 AM1 min read

Nrby Announces Expansion Into Strategic New Markets


Manchester, NH; Sep. 21, 2020 – Nrby, Inc. the leading provider of location intelligence platforms for the telecommunication industry, announced today that they are expanding into five new markets. To further capitalize on its position as a leader in the emerging Location Intelligence markets, Nrby is offering their SaaS based platform to the construction, environmental, government, manufacturing and transportation industries.

“Today, mobile teams are shifting away from manual processes to smarter ways for mobile teams to communicate, due to the need for efficiency and the challenges with Covid-19.  While supporting many large telecommunications providers, it became clear quickly that our platform solves universal communication and data problems for any mobile team dealing with anything at a specific location. It is an organic and seamless expansion into these new markets. We look forward to Nrby empowering customers in all industries to improve service quality, operational efficiencies, and overall profitability.” said Kurt Dobbins, Chief Executive Officer of Nrby.

Since introducing the Nrby mobile and desktop platform, Nrby has successfully delivered innovative solutions to customers in the cable and telecommunications industry. These telecommunications providers have created millions of SmartPins to document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location. One of Nrby’s customers has collected and acted on over 2.4 million records from the field and estimate Nrby will eliminate $200,000 in operational expenses by the end of 2020 and continue to find more ways Nrby can help customer service, marketing, and operations teams to improve current business processes.

According to Mark Wallace, Chief Revenue Officer for Nrby, now is the ideal time for Nrby to expand into new industries; “With many employees today remote, companies of all sizes are struggling to evolve outdated business processes and eliminate communication gaps.  Nrby excels at helping companies to digitally transform quickly and realize many benefits in days.”