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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:48:43 AM1 min read

Nrby Announces Launch of Installation Checklist Solution for Cable and Telecommunications Providers


Manchester, NH; PRNewsire; July 22, 2020 – Nrby, Inc. the leading provider of location intelligence platforms that revolutionize how field service, operations, and customer service teams operate today announced the launch of Installation Checklists, a digitally-transformational product offering for cable and telecommunications field service teams.

Today, most installation processes are still executed and documented using inefficient pen and paper. With Nrby’s Installation Checklists product, service teams can perform an installation far more rapidly and capture relevant data digitally within the Nrby platform. By transforming the process to digital, early adopters in the cable and telecommunications industry have realized faster installations, cleaner customer data, improved customer satisfaction scores, and most importantly, have eliminated costly operational inefficiencies.

“Nrby’s new solution quickly improves any installation process,” said Ron Miller, VP of Product Management & Customer Success. “Our new Installation Checklist solution quickly and easily creates a digital record of installations. That digital record is always available to support future customer needs.”

Nrby’s Installation Checklist product was built in concert with industry leaders within Cable and Telecommunications, reflecting decades of industry experience particularly in the field. This product further strengthens Nrby’s commitment to serving the Cable and Telecommunications industry while significantly advancing the portfolio of location-specific solutions Nrby provides in North America.