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Mike SilvaJul 20, 2019 6:48:51 AM1 min read

National Grid Selects Nrby to Improve Wire Down Processes

National Grid Selects Nrby To Improve Wire Down Processes

Nrby, Inc., pioneer of location-based awareness and productivity, today announced National Grid is using the Nrby platform to boost efficiencies of its wire down processes. Nrby transformed National Grid’s manual, paper-based reports into electronic, automated SmartForms. Now it’s easy for field technicians to accurately record context-rich information about wire down events in real-time, and for National Grid to report them in accordance with Massachusetts government regulations.

“Nrby eliminates the inherent problems with paper-based reports, which are prone to inaccuracies, can be hard to decipher and easily misplaced. By having a simple, fast way for technicians to complete SmartForms about wire down events while on site, we improve accuracy, reduce time-consuming paperwork and make our workforce more efficient,” said Thomas Mulligan, Manager of Employee and Labor Relations, National Grid.

Using the Nrby app on their trucks’ iPads, National Grid technicians simply drop a SmartPin representing the downed wire on a map and fill in required information in the SmartPin’s SmartForm. That real-time data is automatically collected and stored for reporting compliance.

“We’re thrilled National Grid is realizing so much value from Nrby with this one use case,” said Kurt Dobbins, President of Nrby. “Nrby’s dynamic, adaptable data-driven architecture makes it easy for organizations with mobile workforces to communicate and resolve issues and events they discover in the field.”

Nrby is built for flexibility and power. Advanced mobile and automation technologies, combined with highly configurable and intuitive components, help field workers deliver the outcomes businesses need fast. Nrby’s SaaS solution can be used to address virtually any mobile workforce challenge, with minimal cost and training. Using configurable Nrby SmartPins to visually represent events/issues on a map, and SmartForms to capture and present required information, service providers and enterprises deliver better business value and improved efficiencies.